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Reiki Healing Hour with Bhishma and Bhavana Dalal

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Join the Reiki Healing Hour with Bhishma and Bhavana Dalal and their amazing children Ruhi, Yanvi and Vivan.
Bhishma and Bhavana leaned Reiki in India and have been practicing for the past 5 years. They do their healing sessions together, combining the male and female energies!!
Reiki Healing Hour is a group reiki healing session in which collective energies are tapped into by the healers. The session aids individuals to experience a holistic body, mind and soul healing. Expect to release stress, fill your entire body with divine healing energy, feel healthy and strong, and be filled with life and with light!!
The Reiki Healing Hour begins with brief introductions of the group to discuss their expectations. Then, everyone does basic breathing and chant the mantra Om. Then, the participants will lay down and the healers will channel Reiki energy into their chakras and energy bodies.
As the healers rotate each individual, you will receive feminine and masculine energy. Feminine Energies have the qualities of softness, receptivity, and expansiveness. Feminine energy is about slowing down and relaxing, letting go and allowing the flow of life to take its course. Masculine energy is single focused. It is physical rather than subtle. It is logical rather than intuitive. Together they provide a balanced healing experience.
Benefits of the Reiki Healing Hour:
Reduced stress and tension
Increase in energy levels
Physical healing of ailments
Spiritual experience to connect with one's higher self
Meeting like minded people
Sharing experiences