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Seven Direction Prayer & Sacred Medicines Sound Healing

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Join Juliana Yasa, Eric Roblejo, and Angel Morelli for an evening of sacred prayer and medicines as we pray to the Seven Directions and connect with Mother Earth through Rapé and Sananga, ancestral medicines from the Amazons.

In order to connect with the great spirits and dive deep into our own consciousness, we will begin the evening with a prayer of respect to the 7 directions: East, North, West, South, Sky, Earth, and within.

This is a great introduction to the sacred medicines and will serve as a debriefing which will allow for any questions to be answered as well as the opportunity to ease into the Medicines. The sounds we will be using them as a tool in order to travel deep into the different dimensions within ourselves first and foremost, and then outward.

We will follow this with breathing techniques and a guided meditation to experience a more profound journey of healing through vibration, sound and medicine music.

We will immerse ourselves musically with Native Drums, Native American Flutes, Guitars, Singing Bowls and other beautiful instruments which will be played to elevate our frequencies and activate introspection and revitalization of spirit, mind, and body.

Saturday, August 11th 7-9pm
Cost: $30 Pre-Pay
$35 at the door